Compliance with risk assessments

Monitoring compliance with risk assessments is clearly simpler to manage for ‘church led’ activities such as worship, clothing exchange, youth club, Friday food and fellowship and sunshine hour.

What should we do about monitoring compliance in ‘non church led’ activities such as Probus, AA, Trefoil, WI, gardening club, chiropodist etc?

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5 months ago

Tricky one.

I guess we will not directly monitor compliance at all because church leaders will generally not be taking part in these activities, at least not for their complete duration.

Should we therefore restrict which non-church led activities, if any, we allow?

Not all non-church led activities are the same in terms of the extent of Covid 19 safeguards required. Here are a few factors that might make an activity more/less likely to be allowed to take place in BSUC.

  • The number of participants.
  • The frequency of the activity.
  • The number of separate rooms/spaces used within the building – including access/exit.
  • The ease with which no-go areas can be indicated or blocked off.
  • If a church leader attends for the whole duration.
5 months ago

Could we make use of smart cameras to detect access to ‘off limits’ areas? Camera placement would need to be thought about carefully in order to maximise benefit and minimise cost.

For example – three cameras to isolate upstairs. They would be placed on, or at the top of, each of the three stairways. The availability of a power supply would be an issue for mains operation. An alternative is battery operation, as with a system such as the £260 (Argos) three camera Blink setup here.

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