User groups

Placeholder for conversation about how we might manage the reintroduction of user groups.

This topic may well begin by considering some general principles which could then inform decisions about particular user groups.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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2 months ago

A few factors that might make an activity more/less likely to be allowed to take place in BSUC.

  1. The number of participants.
  2. The frequency of the activity.
  3. The physical spread of the activity. i.e. The number of separate rooms/spaces used – including kitchen, storage cupboards, toilets, access/exit routes.
  4. If a church leader attends and if so, for what proportion of the duration.
  5. The organisational overhead for any/all of extra cleaning, quarantine, signage/barrier setup/takedown, compliance monitoring, communication with group.
  6. Suitability of the group’s risk assessment. The group would probably need some guidance in advance on what we’re looking for.

One approach might be to score (1 to 5) each of a list of factors similar to these, then look at overall score and decide whether it can be allowed.

2 months ago

Could we ask each group wanting to return to provide risk assessments based on legal requirements and govt. guidelines?

They should pay particular attention to social distancing and mitigation measures, management of surfaces,

To include …

  1. Primary spaces (typically room where group meets)
  2. Secondary spaces (typically toilets, kitchen, storage cupboards).
  3. Entrance/exit to/from the building.
  4. Routes between entrance/exit and spaces used. (Typically, corridors. stairs, doorways, pinch points).
  5. Track and trace arrangements.
  6. Waste disposal.
Reply to  martin
2 months ago

+ one way systems
+ how members of the group will be made aware of procedures (signage, other markings such as arrows? barriers?)

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