Christmas is coming

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Space to have publicly visible conversation about what we might do around Christmas this year.

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2 months ago

Copied from an email on the topic ….

Main thought is sharing out this kind of info and ‘brainstorming’ as widely as possible in order to encourage a sense of involvement – as well as to maximise range of ideas. So for example – even though email is not good for this type of ongoing conversation – email to all in church directory, something in notices, post on one or both BSUC FB pages (, post on website. For responses, would be useful to have a ‘one-stop shop’ where peoples’ thoughts could be made visible to all.

Also might get ideas by looking around at what other churches (not just the Shaftesbury ones) are planning on doing as the end of this lockdown approaches.

Difficult to make precise plans given the uncertainty of the current climate. Therefore suggest not being too definite until we have an idea of what Covid restrictions will be in place around Christmas.

Decorating church seems a good idea, but doing it in a socially distanced way is going to make it tricky. Plus – if building is only going to be open for private prayer then how extensively decorated do we want it? 

Christmas tree outside with scope for people to hang things on, like names of people they want to remember is nice idea, but our location for ‘casual passers by’ is very poor. Using driveway has more space but is even more ‘hidden away’. If we do this then i favour most prominent location possible – then working out suitable social distancing. Somewhere more prominent, like the high street would obviously be even better. Maybe even Castle Hill or similar?

Delivering advent boxes to homes seems a good practical idea. Though particular boxes Natalie mentioned appear unavailable

The idea of delivering things to homes is making me think of online type stuff. ie streaming something live. (YouTube, Facebook live). Obvious organisational difficulties but could even be like those Norwegian ‘slow TV’ programmes – where not much actually happens, or at least seems to happen!

Can get some ideas from circuit/district online too – ie Southampton and London
(London methodists Twitter)

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