Virtual participation in conventional physical circuit meetings

Posted by martinf ... For quick and easy convenience, this post has hijacked a spot on the temporary website setup to discuss issues around reopening BSUC during the pandemic. It is a place for sharing thoughts, opinions, ideas and questions related to the pros and cons of supporting remote participation in physical circuit meetings. Anyone can contribute by adding a comment or replying to an existing comment. Anyone can see all contributions. I encourage you to take part in the discussion. Don't be put off by the format. It's trying to reflect a 'normal' group conversation, without the overhead of arranging a physical/virtual meeting or cluttering up email inboxes. This is a place you can dip in and out of. It will be full of the normal ifs and buts,…
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Communicating information to the wider congregation and beyond

church led activity, non-church led activity
Posted by martin ... How can we keep the wider congregation informed of progress towards re-opening, particularly for worship?  How can we engage the wider congregation in the process, for example - by asking about their concerns and if they would consider attending the "new normal" style worship services? How can we communicate our policies to user groups?
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