Communicating information to the wider congregation and beyond

church led activity, non-church led activity
Posted by martin ... How can we keep the wider congregation informed of progress towards re-opening, particularly for worship?  How can we engage the wider congregation in the process, for example - by asking about their concerns and if they would consider attending the "new normal" style worship services? How can we communicate our policies to user groups?
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Communal worship

church led activity, social distancing
Entrance and exit routes?Should toilets be available? If so what capacity (general use or emergency only)?at user's own risk?which ones?what will be access/return routes?To help with planning, how can we judge the numbers of people likely to attend "new normal" style services?What is socially distanced seating going to look like? What are the numbers that can be accommodated in different scenarios such as 2m socially distanced, 1m + mitigation etc?
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